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Calgary Herald
February 11, 1964
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Janice Webber, UAC queen, was one of the eight finalists in the Snow Queen contest last weekend at Waterloo University.

Musa Lincke, UBC, walked off with the title to highlight Waterloo's annual Winter Carnival.

The Radio has planned a hig hootenanny next Friday.

Jubilation Singers from Vancouver: Bill Roberts from South Carolina, and the local talent of Peter Ebling, Sidney McElvey, Joni Anderson and the Will Millar Trio will perform in the gymnasium.

The show will be video-taped and shown to local audiences within the next few weeks.

About 85 girls from five other Western Canadian universities are visiting UAC for an invitational basketball and curling weekend.

Teams from Manitoba, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Vancouver are meeting for the only time this year to compete for Western Canadian Intercollegiate Athletics Association championships.

UAC coaches Sally De Mans for the basketball team Mrs. Howie for curling said both Calgary teams have a good chance in this year's competition.

Last year, UBC won the basketball championship and U. of A. the curling trophy

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