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The Observer (Case Western Reserve University)
February 15, 1974
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Court and Spark - - Joni Mitchell

Reports from the Riviera indicate that the completely chic party includes caviar, imported wines and cheeses, and the entire collection of Joni Mitchell albums. Again Joni Mitchell has captured the frantic despair of the idle rich, trapped in French chateaus, circling aimlessly in Lear jets, burnt raw by the searing sun of Acapulco. Without a doubt, Joni's latest Court and Spark disc will turn solid gold. Already the cut "Raised on Robbery" is advancing upon the AM top forty charts.

Side two in my opinion offers the strongest selections. Much of the material is infused with jazz tones and presents a soothing melodic flow. Without a doubt, Joni Mitchell has one of the most beautiful and versatile voices in the contemporary arena of pop music. It is unfortunate that her lyrics are not as diverse. If you like a pretty package sound-wise, definitely buy this album.

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