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Cash Box
January 1971
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A new Joni Mitchell album is always the subject for joy at Reprise Records, for she is one of the most consistent sellers in the music business. In addition, a Joni Mitchell album means more sensitive, emotional lyric-music collages from the writer of such often-recorded tunes as "Both Sides Now," "Chelsea Morning," and "Urge For Going."

Joni's fourth album for Reprise Records, titled "Blue," contains 10 new image-laden songs that are bound to draw attention from fellow musicians, as well as the numerous Joni Mitchell fans. Joni's pure acoustic guitar and piano styling are augmented on "Blue" by some of her well-known friends, including James Taylor (who is reciprocating for Joni's harmonies on his "Mud Slide Slim and The Blue Horizon" album), Stephen Stills, Russ Kunkel and pedal steel guitarist Sneeky Pete. "Blue" constitutes the lone June album release from the Warner Bros./Reprise family.

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