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Main Point: end of an era? Print-ready version

by Mark Reilly
The Hawk (St Joseph's U)
November 7, 1980
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Since its opening in 1964 the Main Point, located on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr, has provided the Philadelphia area with an outstanding array of jazz, folk, blues, and rock. Many of music's biggest names started at the Main Point. Stars like Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, George Thorogood, and Jackson Browne have all made numerous appearances at the Point.

With such outstanding talent haunting the Main Point, it seems hard to believe that the club is in financial straits and under the threat of closing. The loss of the Main Point, Philadelphia Magazine's number one suburban club, would be a blow to the area as a whole. Today, as in the past, the Main Point maintains high standards, offering the best in new talent as well as many old favorites. It is a mystery to me how, even with the club's excellent reputation, people can be oblivious to the value of the Main Point.

All tickets at the club are general admission, but the club is small and even in the last row you are literally right next to the stage. Tickets are easy to get through Ticketron or at the Main Points itself. You don't even have to camp out; there are two shows a night. Many of the finest local bands frequent the Main Point, and appearances by legends like Don McLean and Tom Rush are not out of the ordinary. The kitchen facilities are modest, but the brownies are first rate and the service is good. In general, the atmosphere is always energetic but much more personal than the Spectrum or other arenas. If you're over 21, B.Y.O.B, and if you're not, just go for the music. In any case, do soon or you may be too late.

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