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February 14, 1976
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Long a figure of major importance, both among her musical peers and a steadily growing audience, Joni Mitchell had already established herself as an influential songwriter when she recorded her debut album during the late '60s. By 1970, her solo albums and performances had attracted critical praise and a sizable following, yet it was during 1974 that she made the dramatic transition from celebrity to front-rank superstar.

"Court And Spark," her sixth album and second for the Asylum label, captured both AM and FM airwaves with a personal and uncompromising approach to singing, arranging and writing that culminated in both gold and platinum record awards. During that year, Mitchell embarked on two major North American tours that repeated this broad success; from those performances, the artist culled "Miles Of Aisles," a two-record set that likewise garnered both gold and platinum awards.

With the release of "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" late in 1975, Joni Mitchell has continued to evolve as a musician and songwriter while further broadening her appeal. An ambitious project marked by striking thematic concerns and greater musical eclecticism, "The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" defied commercial fashion to achieve the most rapid acceptance of any Joni Mitchell album to date, earning the artist her sixth gold record award within weeks of its release.

The new year has marked the kickoff of Mitchell's most ambitious live performance schedule to date. Currently on tour in the U.S., Joni Mitchell is slated to complete a world tour that will take her to Europe and the Far East as well.

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