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Record World
April 25, 1970
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Record World, April 25, 1970

joni mitchell (enough said)

"Ladies of the Canyon"

It used to be in these ads for Joni Mitchell albums we'd have to get tricky and sly and cute under the assumption that that was the only way an ad could make you remember Joni Mitchell.

No more.

By now you know she's made two beautiful albums ("Joni Mitchell" and "Clouds"), has won a Grammy award for "Clouds," has graced countless concert stages here and in England and has been universally extolled by the media. So you can ignore everything we've said so far today. What you might not know is that she's enlarged her gallery of exceptional recordings by a third:

"Ladies of the Canyon."

In it, she sings about Woodstock and the circle game and a musician who plays for free. Her special way of singing them make each performance a masterpiece. There are 12 new classics in "Ladies of the Canyon."

Joni Mitchell is on both sides of the Reprise label, where she belongs.

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