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Premier’s dinner honors Sauve Print-ready version

by Zena Cherry
Toronto Globe and Mail
November 2, 1984
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Grant Devine of Saskatchewan and his wife were hosts at a dinner this week to honor Governor-General Jeanne Sauve and Mr. Maurice Sauvé.

The affair, at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina, was "to honor prominent Canadians who were born of were former residents in Saskatchewan and who have made significant contributions to Canada and indeed the world beyond our country."

First and foremost was the Governor-General (born in Prud'Homme).

Among other honored were: Eiliv Anderson of Ottawa, chairman of the Farm Credit Corp, of Canada (born in Robsart);

Gerald K. Bouey of Ottawa, Governor ot the Bank of Canada (born in Axford);

Willard Zebedee Estey of Ottawa, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada (born in Saskatoon);

The Most Rev. Adam Exner, Archbishop of Winnipeg, (born in Killaly);

Mike Ferby of Vancouver, one of the three Rhythm Pals, a country and western music group, (born in Saskatoon);

Allan Fotheringham of Vancouver, columnist (born in Hearne);

James M. Hay of Sarnia, chariman of Dow Chemical Canada Inc. (born in Regina);

Arden Ramon Haynes, president of Imperial Oil Ltd. (born in Regina);

Darrel V. Heald of Ottawa, Justice of the Federal Court of Canada (born in Regina);

Terrence Heath, director of the Winnipeg Art Gallery (born in Regina);

Margaret E. Hughes, dean of law at the University of Calgary (born in Saskatoon);

C. Beverley Koester, Clerk of the House of Commons (born in Regina);

J. Francis Leddy of Windsor, past president of the University of Windsor (raised and educated in Saskatoon);

Wally Macht of Toronto, broadcaster with CTV (born in North Battleford);

James McNeill of Geneva, Switzerland, Secretary-General of the World Commission on Environment and Development;

Jennifer R. McQueen, of Ottawa, Commissioner, Public Service Commission of Canada (born in Saskatoon);

Folk singer Joni Mitchell of Los Angeles (born in Saskatoon);

Keith Morrison, CBC broad-caster (born in Saskatoon);

Bernard Ostry, Deputy Minister of Citizenship and Culture for Ontario (born in Wadena);

Irene Salemka of Collingwood, opera singer, (born in Weyburn);

Commissioner Robert H. Simmonds, of Ottawa, Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (born in Hafford);

Elvie L. Smith of Longueuil, president of Pratt and Whitney Canada (born in Eatonia);

John L. Stolk of Toronto, president of Gulf Canada Ltd. (born in North Battleford);

Gordon G. Thiessen of Ottawa, deputy governor, Bank of Canada (educated and lectured at the University of Saskatchewan);

Henry G. Thode of Hamilton, former president of McMaster University (born in Dundurn);

Norman E. Wagner, president of the University of Calgary (born in Edenwold);

Pamela Wallin, CTV broadcaster (born in Wadena); and Rear-Admiral Robert D. Yanow of Victoria, Commander, Maritime Forces Pacific, Canadian Forces (born in Saskatoon).

Jean-Marc Charles Heidsieck, president of the renowned champagne house Charles Heidsieck in Reims, France, was in town for 24 hours this week.

His ancestor Charles Heidsieck introduced French champagne to the North American Continent, in 1957 and in New York the song Champagne Charlie was composed as a tribute to him.

The new premium champagne introduced this week in Ontario is called Champagne Charlie. It's a 1970 vintage and the price is $42.50 (Charles Heidsieck Extra Dry is $22.50, and Charles Heidsieck Brut Vintage $29,95).

In honor of Mr. Heidsieck, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Whiteside Matthews had a dinner at Le Rendezvous Restaurant and for the first time I had rabbit. It's delicious.

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