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Joni Mitchell ready to work on movie Print-ready version

by Sid Adilman
Toronto Star
January 10, 1980
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Joni Mitchell is bouncing around town these days.

Here to make her movie acting debut, she has been dining on raw fish at Masa, a Japanese restaurant on Richmond St. W., and on pasta at Carlavales on Avenue Rd.

Mitchell will face cameras next week, playing both a black man and a white woman in an episode she wrote for Love, a 9-part anthology movie.

She celebrated her 37th birthday on the weekend and was feted at an intimate party in the home of Love producer Renee Perlmutter. Mitchell has been described as somewhat edgy about acting and consulted her Toronto co-star, Winston Reckert, regularly by telephone before arriving.

Mitchell got her international break through singing in local clubs and she has many friends and acquaintances in the city. But she became very private the last few years and is too absorbed in preparing for the movie to socialize much.

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