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by Liam Lacey
Toronto Globe and Mail
September 6, 1985
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Joni Mitchell is one of several property owners in British Columbia's Sunshine Coast retreat, northwest of Vancouver, who are concerned about a nearby fish farm. She said Wednesday that the four-hectare farm, owned by the Norwegian company Scatech Resources, spoils her view, and she is afraid seals, otters and whales will be shot if they get near the fish pens.

"I thought I purchased a piece of wilderness but it's being corrupted by industry," Mitchell said. "I wouldn't be at all surprised if we had no recourse since commerce reigns all, but it's such a beautiful spot we must do something."

The company, which intends to harvest chinook and coho salmon, says it will go ahead with its plans, and will attempt to keep away whales, otters and seals with electric fences.

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