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by Judy Allen
The Great Speckled Bird
October 14, 1968
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Song To A Seagull, Joni Mitchell (Warner Bros. - Reprise 6293)

Some day I shall be very beautiful and have long, long wisps of blond, blond hair like Joni Mitchell
I shall wear a coat of flowers and glide through the plaster halls of tenement castles...nodding to Donovan as we pass I shall walk by the sea and watch the seabirds above

I shall play my guitar and sing soft and sweet
I shall be Nice on key, Baez with no cause, and write songs with beautiful words
"There's oil on the puddles in taffeta patterns
That run down the drain
In colored arrangements
That Michael will change with a stick that he found"

"We have a rocking chair
Someone is always there
Rocking rhythms while they're waiting"

But when I'm beautiful and tall and have long, long wisps of blond, blond hair like Joni Mitchell
And when I write those songs with beautiful words
I shall sing them not so softly and not so sweetly
Like Dylan I'll punctuate and enunciate
You will love every word
For I shall have the mind of a dark haired woman

-judy allen

Wildflowers, Judy Collins (Electra, EKS 74012)

Judy Collins' new album, Wildflowers is a young album, joyful or so full of joy that it is sadness. She seems to be in love, or to have been in love. Not with just a person, but with the world through or because of that person.

Judy has always, with folk music or any material she chose to record (I think she must pick her own songs) used words in two ways: first to convey meaning in the finest sense of a singer's phrasing and then to create tuneful poetry. She caresses each word and phrase as if it would stand alone. In Wildflowers with the superb help of Joshua Rifkin arranging and conducting and of Leonard Cohen/Joni Mitchell/Judy Collins songs, she is at her best.

In the lovely "Albatross" the flute work is so nice that I would have liked some credits. "Michael of [sic] Mountains" she must know personally. How else could she have spoken of him so. [sic]

The tunes are a little hard to hum so the effect stands up under chemicals beautifully. It is difficult to say that for most female vocal efforts.

In short, the album is thoughtfully put together, well done by everybody and I hope it will be around a long time.

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