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Folk-Rock’s First Lady Wows Crowd Print-ready version

by Kevan Kaign
Daily Oklahoman
January 26, 1976
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NORMAN - It was a quiet, more reverent, but nonetheless enthusiastic crowd that greeted Joni Mitchell Sunday night at the Lloyd Noble Center.

A full house paid homage to the folk-rock music First Lady.

Unlike most rock concerts, where fans await the star's appearance with frantic Frisbee games, Joni's audience patiently anticipated her arrival.

One Frisbee sailed a few times, then disappeared.

Flowers Offered

When she took center stage, dressed in a black jumpsuit, one admirer placed a bouquet at the edge of the stage, flowers for the free spirit who writes and sings about the common things in less-than-common words.

When she damns society for ruining nature in "Big Yellow Taxi," she talks about "paving paradise to put up a parking lot."

When she sings of love, she tells of the questions facing lovers who think about the future and worry about the past.

Contrast Sung

And then she sings about the distances and differences between city and country people in a new selection, "Coyote."

Although unpretty, Mitchell has a quiet beauty that surpasses physical looks.

She has an ethereal quality that accents her earthy music.

Her music was excellent - whether vocal or instrumental. She accompanied herself both on the guitar and piano, handling both with equal artistry.

The blond soprano received fine backing from her band, "L.A. Express," which opened the show with several snazzy, jazz and blues-boogie numbers.

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