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Camden Courier-Post
July 20, 1968
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PHILADELPHIA - Folk artists Odetta, Phil Ochs, Oscar Brand, Bonnie Dobson, Doc Watson, Joni Mitchell, the Beers Family, Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys will appear with more than 25 other acts at the seventh annual Philadelphia Folk Festival, Aug. 23 to 25.

The festival is held out-of-doors at Old Pool Farm, Upper Salford Township, Montgomery County, PA. There major concerts, one each evening, highlight the festival which also includes daytime workshops, seminars, contests, dance sessions and a children's concert.

The festival, staged annually by the Philadelphia Folksong Society, also lists such attractions as Henry Crowdog, and American Indian dancer; Son House, one of the last of the authentic Mississippi Delta singers; Irish balladeer Joe Heaney; Norman Kennedy, a Scots balladeer and one of the weavers in colonial Williamsburg; Hedge and Donna, an inter-racial singing duet; the Young Adult Choir of the First Baptist Church in Darby, PA; and the Young Tradition, a mod English group singing updated traditional music.

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