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Concert falls victim to bronchitis attack Print-ready version

Daily Titan (Cal State Fullerton)
November 19, 1969
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A case of bronchitis proved fatal to the AS Pop Concert which was to be held in the CSF Gymnasium Saturday night. The performance was to feature John Fahey, C.K. Strong and Joni Mitchell, and it was the top-billed latter who contracted the virus, and was forced to cancel her appearance.

Bill Pollak, AS administrator, was called Friday evening at 5 p.m., and notified by Miss Mitchell's manager that she was ill, and might not be able to perform the following night. Miss Mitchell went to the doctor Saturday morning and was told that she had the virus, along with a 103 degree temperature and that she would need three weeks of rest.

Her manager then got in touch with Pollak and cancelled the appearance of Miss Mitchell, at 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Pollak and the concert's promoters were faced with the decision of cancelling the concert, going on with the performers which were left, or hiring a substitute act of equal stature. Pollak stated that if there had been one more business day to contact other performers, another act may have been able to be booked. However, at that late hour the outlook was dim.

At 3 p.m. the concert was cancelled, but is was too late to stop the computerized radio advertising, or even announce the cancellation, and people driving to the Gymnasium found the show cancelled and had their tickets refunded.

Pollak and Miss Mitchell's agents are working on setting up another appearance for March.

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