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The Tech News (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
November 19, 1969
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Winter Weekend this year will feature a concert on Friday night by, Joni Mitchell; a Blanket Concert on Saturday afternoon with refreshments (soft and hard), and a Worcester Art Museum Concert on Sunday afternoon.

Joni started singing while a student at Alberta College of Art in a coffee house called, "The Depression". As time went on, she found that she enjoyed singing more than painting, finally coming to New York where Andy Wickham of Reprise discovered and signed her.

The startling 24 year old blond has now written over sixty songs, "equaling Boy Dylan in richness and profusion of imagery and surpassing him in conciseness and direction." The concert here at Tech will be one of her last due to her decision to take a year off from the concert rat-race and is one we should not miss.

Saturday afternoon will feature a concert dance by the McCoys and comedian Uncle Dirty. This is the first time that the administration is allowing us to serve alcoholic beverages (Booze) on campus at a school-wide function. Not wishing to be corny or sound like an oldie but the following comments seem appropriate since it was mostly my idea in the first place. Please, for Hazard's sake, leave in a condition that will allow you to drive or walk back to your dorm or fraternity, and on your way out take your empty cups and throw them in the barrels that will be provided. If this experiment is a success then there will be more of it in the future, if not then back to the old high (not to be taken out of context) and dry affairs. It could be a real good show but lets not make it a Saturday afternoon version of Dark Shadows.

Saturday night our basketball team will take over the spotlight and Sunday a concert of Christmas songs will be presented by the fifty voices of Lowell State College Concert Choir at the Art Museum Court at 3 p.m

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