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Canadian Press
April 7, 1997
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CALGARY - Thousands of Canadians have seen the face of Joni Mitchell's newly found daughter - they just didn't know it. Model Kilauren Gibb was featured on the cover of Chatelaine in November, 1983. Mitchell's daughter, who was conceived in Calgary more than 30 years ago, was given up for adoption in Toronto.

Gibb has also appeared in ads for the Bay department store and modelled around the world, said Mitchell's mother, Myrtle Anderson. Gibb was reunited with her folk-singing mother in Los Angeles about 10 days ago.

Mitchell had named her daughter Kelly Dale. She began a search for her long-lost child last year, and even made a public plea through the media.

Gibb, now 31, has a four-year-old son named after an actor, said Mitchell's mother in an interview from her home in Saskatoon. Anderson declined to give her great-grandson's name.

Millions of Mitchell's fans have also unknowingly heard her sing about her only daughter, Anderson said.

"The song Little Green, on her Blue album, is about her daughter. A lot of people don't know that."

Gibb has given up her modelling career and is studying computers, Anderson said.

Mitchell, 53, and her daughter are "both very excited," Anderson said. "This has been weighing on Joan's mind for a long time."

Anderson, who didn't know she had a granddaughter until two years after her birth, is also quite anxious to see her great-grandson. "And Joan says her daughter looks like me."

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