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by Adil.
February 22, 1967
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Riverboat, Toronto
Toronto, February 14
Joni Mitchell; $1.50, $2.50 cover

Canadian folksinger Joni Mitchell, now married and living in Detroit, is a bright, engaging performer and a sensitive, original folk composer.

In her return date at Toronto's Riverboat coffeehouse following a successful November booking, she displays an ever ripening voice, and is an eyeful in a tight-fitting mini silver lame dress, and sporting flaxen hair that falls below her shoulders.

Opening with her own song, "The Daisy Summer," she introduces her newest, "The Wizard of Is," and continues on with a Mitchell sampler, "Just Like Me," "Blue on Blue," and "Night in the City."

The numbers have much appeal and rate recording by folksingers on the lookout for new material. They are quiet songs, sometimes forlorn and always evocative.

Miss Mitchell, or rather Mrs., because she is married to Detroit folksinger Church [sic] Mitchell, is a talent to watch. She's booked here to Feb. 26.


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