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by Nancy Baltzan
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
June 20, 2013

The article quoting Ron Lamb concerning Joni Mitchell's collection of personal artifacts caught my interest.

Several years ago, a decision was made to name a school after the late governor general Ray Hnatyshyn. His widow, Gerda, gathered a collection of his significant memorabilia to be used for display at this school. With no explanation to her, the school naming was cancelled and the display items remain in storage in Ottawa.

Hnatyshyn was the only governor general from Saskatoon. He was of Ukrainian descent and the son of a Saskatchewan senator. He was alive for the unveiling of his statue in the city, but there's no other recognition of the tremendous contributions he made to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Canada.

His name was put forth recently for the new south bridge, but it has now been suggested that the naming be done by a contest.

Saskatoon, let's honour our homegrown citizens.

Nancy Baltzan Riverside Estates

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