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Gallery Brown Presents the Opening of Alexander Yulish's 'Interior Stories' Print-ready version

Interview Magazine
January 19, 2013

Joni Mitchell, Alexander Yulish Photo © Andreas


A smart mix of celebrity, music, and art luminaries came together on Saturday, January 19 at West Hollywood's Gallery Brown to celebrate the art opening of "Interior Stories," the newest exhibition of LA-based artist Alexander Yulish. Collectors browsed the macabre, color-rich portraits, illustrations and paintings while supporters including Joni Mitchell, Rory Cochrane (Argo), Sammi Rotibi (Django Unchained) and Eric Balfour mingled. Yulish's artistry, which explores the human psyche through the emotion of color and the sensitivity of shape, is influenced by working with such cinematic visionaries as Ash Cohen and David Lynch.

"Interior Stories" will be on display until February 10th.

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