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by Joan Anderson
Sagittarius - High School Annual
April 1960
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Document provided to by Michelle Mercer- acquired during research for her book Will You Take Me As I Am.

In the long, long halls of Bowman,
Several weeks ago,
The Bowman Writers' Club was meeting;
They spoke in voices low:
"We've got a lot of trouble, Pres.,
On account of one member, Larry,
He's gone to Tech with his talent, by heck,
And we don't have a secretary!"

Aside from minor stumbling blocks such as the loss of a secretary, attendance which varies from four to fourteen, and a president who rarely knows when the next meeting is to be held, activities are running rather smoothly. Although the contributions to our meetings thus far have been scarce as gold, they have been just a precious. We hope to have collected before the end of the year, enough "Quotable efforts" to compile into a book so that everyone in the school may share the "vegetables of our work". (In Writer's Club, we are taught not to overwork stereo-typed metaphors. "Fruits of our labour" is so common.)

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