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July 15, 1967

TORONTO - The seventh annual Mariposa Folk Festival will be held the weekend of Aug. 11, 12 and 13 at Innis Lake, some 30 miles north of Toronto. Scheduled are three evening concerts, a children's concert Saturday morning, and a Sunday afternoon concert of ethnic music and dance.

There will also be workshop sessions on such subjects as songwriting and the influence of the electric element on folk music, displays of arts and crafts, and boutique booths selling posters, comics, etc. The festival, which drew 8,500 last year with only two evening concerts, may also be the scene of a spontaneous love-in.

Artists and their music span the full range of folk, from bluegrass, the blues, gospel, and traditional folk to contemporary folk and folk-rock, with Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tom Rush, the Staple Singers, Bonnie Dobson, the Buddy Guy Blues Band from Chicago, Ritchie Havens, Canadian poet Leonard Cohen, Louis Killen, the Lily Brothers and Tex Logan.

Also, the Penny Whistlers, Rev. Gary Davis, French-Canadian Louise Forrester, the Kensington Market, Toronto folk-rock group currently creating great excitement locally, and local folk artists Joni Mitchell, guitarist David Rea, Owen McBride, Murray McLaughlin, Elyse Weinberg, Gordon Lowe and Penny Lang.

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