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Joni Mitchell Gives Top Offering as 'Interpreter' Print-ready version

by Fred Kirby
February 15, 1969
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NEW YORK - Joni Mitchell charmed a packed Carnegie Hall audience on Saturday (1), singing her best songs in her best manner. Except for one number with piano and an unaccompanied Song for America, the Reprise artist accompanied herself with guitar.

Miss Mitchell doesn't merely sing a song, the fine folk artist effectively interprets her material. And what a lineup of material! Beginning with Chelsea Morning and ending with a medley of The Circle Game and the new Little Green, the outstanding material flowed.

The Canadian artist even had a big number such as Michael From Mountains as one of her two encores. And there was much more in the one-woman show, including her Both Sides Now (Clouds), which is a current Judy Collins hit. This melodic meaningful selection closed the first half.

Among outstanding songs were Night in the City, That Song About The Midway, I Had a King, Marcie, Morning Morgantown, Nathan La Franeer and Cactus Tree. She only sang one song that was not her own composition as she turned For What It's Worth into a sing-along. This was followed by a sing-along in The Circle Game. Miss Mitchell's personality, including her banter, contributed to the exceptional evening.

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