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Joni Mitchell And Tim Hardin to Highlight Fall Festival Print-ready version

by Jim Frenkel
SUNY Statesman
October 18, 1968

Tomorrow night two of the most outstanding contemporary folk singers will be appearing in the first major folk concert of the year. Both Joni Mitchell and Tim Hardin have established reputations as fine young writers in the medium.

Tim Hardin is the veteran of the two. His third album just released, he wrote the not-standard "If I Were A Carpenter." His "Reason to Believe" was adapted by Ian and Sylvia and others. His own voice....well, you'll just have to find out for yourself tomorrow night.

Joni Mitchell has exerted a more indirect influence on the folk scene. When her "Circle Game" was released as sung by Ian and Sylvia and then Tom Rush, people wondered . . "Who is Joni Mitchell?" After Judy Collins recorded "Michael From Mountains" and "Both Sides Now" on her latest album, Miss Mitchell decided to reveal herself.

In her first and only album to date, she shows a finely tuned voice, sensitive interpretation of her own works, and a seemingly fresh approach. She is . . new!

If you haven't already procured your tickets, you may do so by calling the ticket office at 6800, or going down there in person this afternoon. Better hurry!

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