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by Kathie Staska
Hayward Daily Review
March 16, 1972

WHAT DO you say about a show that was both good musically, and which left you with a good feeling after.

This was the way the Joni Mitchell show at the Berkeley Community Theater was. The music was excellent and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it.

Beginning with a talented young singer-composer, Jackson Browne, the show was off to a good start. Browne has the kind of voice you can just lay back and enjoy and is also gifted with a stage manner that will make him a winner anywhere. He performed many of the tunes from his new LP on Asylum Records, which is also a record to note.

When Joni came on stage the crowd was ready and waiting. She changed intermittently from guitar to piano as she wove her magic.

SOME OF the songs she performed were her hits such as "Clouds" and "Both Sides Now," both of which she wrote, as well as her hit, "Woodstock." She also did some things from her new album, "Blue." "Blue," the title song, and "Carey" were two of the songs from that album that went over big.

Her hour-and-a-half performance just seemed to warm the crowd up as they went mad applauding for an encore. When Joni tried to leave again, the crowd again would not stop applauding. So what does she do next? She brings out a couple of her friends lo help her sing "The Circle Game." Who were they? By now you've probably heard they were David Crosby, Neil Young and Graham Nash.

With those aiding her, as well as an assortment of others, the crowd joined in on the old favorite.

It was really a good feeling to see the sellout crowd all on its feet, singing and swaying with the music and everyone with a big smile on his face.

AT THE conclusion of that song, Joni tried to leave again but the crowd was pleading for "just once more." She granted their request and came back, and then the crowd did something we have never seen before.

As if everyone had thought of it at once, the crowd spontaneously said a big "thank you."

Joni was finally able to leave the stage after a hearty applause. The crowd left still smiling and talking about a concert that will be hard to forget.

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