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Joni Mitchell's daughter wants Ontario adoption disclosure bill Print-ready version

CBC News
September 14, 2005

A woman who was given up for adoption at birth by singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell says all Ontario adoptees should have the right to reunite with their birth parents.

Kilauren Gibb says she was reunited separately with her famous birth mother and her birth father about eight years ago, and calls the experience "fantastic."

She says the reunions with her birth parents had a "profound and wonderful" impact on her life after years of searching that left her feeling empty and lost.

She says she believes her birth mother would support the bill.

Birth mothers and adoptees had joined together at a news conference to urge the government to pass new legislation that would unseal adoption records - saying that everyone has a right to know their origins.

The law would allow adoptees access to their original birth certificates, which would include the names of their birth parents. It would also let birth parents access the current name of the child they gave up.

The Conservatives have said the government should scrap the bill and start over, because it doesn't give people the right to keep their records secret if they choose to.

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