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CD reviews -- Turbulent Indigo by Joni Mitchell Print-ready version

by Dan Ouellette
Down Beat
March 1995


While the self-portrait cover painting is stylistically derivitive of the brilliant Dutch artist Van Gogh, the songs Mitchell elegantly delivers on Turbulent Indigo are distinctively and inimitably her own. Mitchell's acoustic guitar is central to these songs, many of which are reminiscent of her Blue period.

No stranger to jazz musicians (most notably Charles Mingus and Jaco Pastorius), Mitchell re-enlists soprano saxophonist Wayne Shorter to embellish half the tunes with clipped phrases, delicate lines, and wafting trills. Given a supporting role for most of the album, Shorter stretches out on Mitchell's compelling retelling of Job's song, "The Sire Of Sorrow," where his soaring flights amplify the song's deep longing and anguish.

Turbulent Indigo--Sunny Sunday; Sex Kills; How Do You Stop; Turbulent Indigo; Last Cance Lost; The Magdalene Laundries; Not To Blame; Borderline; Yvette In English; The Sire Of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song). (43:07)

Personnel--Mitchell, guitars, keyboard, percussion, vocals; Larry Klein, basses, percussion, keyboards; Wayne Shorter, soprano saxophone (1,4,7,9,10); Jim Keltner, Carlos Vega, drums; Michael Landau, electric guitar (2,3); Greg Leisz, pedal steel guitar (6,7); Bill Dillon, guitarorgan (9); Steuart Smith, orchestral electric guitar, electric guitar (3,10); Seal, vocals (3); Charles Valentino, Kris Kello, backing vocals (9).

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