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Drums Get Wet Along Red Rocks Print-ready version

by Ruth  Pelton-Roby
Denver Post
September 2, 1974

When you put on a show at Red Rocks you take a gamble with the weather; Saturday night Barry Fey and several thousand people lost to Mother Nature.

I knew it was going to rain and I'm not a meteorologist or psychic, but those heavy clouds sitting on the foothills had to drop some precipitation.

Barry Fey decided to keep the show at Red Rocks, although he had the Denver Auditorium area available.

A light mist had turned to a steady drizzle when Tom Scott and the LA Express came on stage just after 8 pm. They played for almost 30 minutes until imminent damage to the drums and other equipment forced them to quit. By this time it was much too late to move the show.

The concert has been rescheduled for Monday (today) at 1 pm. Monday night's show will go on as planned (unless it rains). For further information tune to radio stations KLZ and KBPI.

(Note: Although Joni is not mentioned here, this was actually a Joni concert. She was to play two nights at Red Rocks, Sept 1 and 2. This night was rained/snowed out and Joni performed the next day at 1PM (actually 3PM) as a make-up. She then took ill and cancelled Monday evening's performance.)

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