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Chelsea Morning

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The White Swan Leicester, England , September 16, 1967

Audio clip of Joni performing Chelsea Morning live at The White Swan in Leicester, England. An appearance sponsored by The Couriers Folk Club.

In the Song Lyrics section, under Footnotes, it is noted that 'Joni paired this song with Come To The Sunshine. In her introduction to Chelsea Morning she says "This is my Chelsea Song. It's also full of morning and rainbows and much the same things because it was inspired by the same set of stained glass windows only I moved them into a New York apartment. But it could be Chelsea in London. After I moved to New York, I spent a lot of time on a street called Bleecker Street, and on Bleecker Street is a theatre called the Garrick Theatre, and in the Garrick theatre are the Mothers of Invention. And, uh, they're coming over pretty soon. So this is Chelsea Morning, rainbow sunshine song influenced slightly by the Mothers of Invention."'

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PattiC on

jhedstrom, your comment is perfect. Couldn't agree more!

jhedstrom on

Sublime! Tack sa mycket. Thanks so much for making this world a more beautiful place to live. Your music is timeless. One of my first records was "Miles of Aisles" which really showcased well your genius. Superb artistry.

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