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Henry Diltz

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Under The Covers, May 7, 2002

AUDIO MUTED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER. You can purchase a copy here.

Henry Diltz and Gary Burden take a drive through Laurel Canyon and reminisce about Joni. Included is film footage at an art gallery opening in Venice, California with Joni, Mama Cass, Jackson Brown, David Geffen, and The Eagles. The making of the BLUE album cover is revealed.

Following BLUE is a discussion and photos of John Sebastian and Chicken Flats Farm. Toward the end of the video are photos and film footage of Woodstock, including set-up photos taken before the Festival.
(Explicit Content)

Bill Day and Terry Scwartz, Filmmakers.

2:32 Joni Dancing
3:19 Photographs
5:40 Creating the BLUE Album Cover


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