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C-SPAN White House Meeting & Barangrill


News-alert JMDLr Sue posted:

Hey Joniphiles!

So like every morning at 6 am I woke up and got my knitting and coffee and started watching C-span (I'm not only a Joni junkie, I'm a democracy junkie too!) Nancy-Ann DeParle led a healthcare reform forum at the White House yesterday and there were many industry leaders there. One woman who represented Consumer Reports (I think) was talking about how most people who have health insurance don't even know what they have. She said ... "It's like Joni Mitchell says ... it's some "of the crazy you get from too much choice!" There were many harrumphs of acknowledgement around the table! WOOHOO Joni rocks.

Sue followed-up her original post with the following information and link:

Her name is DeAnn Friedholm [Health Reform Director] from Consumers Union and she quotes Joni at about 34 minutes into the over 2 hour forum. If you are a C-span junkie you can watch it here:

White House Health Care Reform Meeting
Product ID: 285170-1
Original Air Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forward to: 01:34:46
or Click on "Search Transcript". In the box, type the words: "At their summit". Click on the entire phrase when it appears to be taken directly to the quote.


Thank you, Sue!

(Contributed by Susan E. McNamara)


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