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The Brady Bunch

Bill from IL asks the JMDL:
I realize its barely Joni content and may seem like a crackpot idea, but here it goes....I've always thought that Joni had an influence on the "Johnny Bravo" episode. In an early scene in that show, Greg was shown playing/singing in the boys room (with the groovy bunk beds). His "original" song, if I remember right, had lines about painted ponies on a merry-go-round....... very Circle Gamish!!!! Does anyone remember that episode better than me and can prove or disprove my theory?
And Chicago, IL's Susan responds with:
OK Bill ... being the Joni Freak I am and a Brady Bunch afficionado - I will respond to your question. YES! YES ! YES! How obvious is it that Greg Brady ripped Joni off!? Hey Greg - if the suit fits - wear it! I remember that episode quite clearly and have had that thought cross my mind every time I see it.
Another line from the song was "Clowns never laughed before" - well not until they heard this song. Also not sure about the exact line you mention being verbatem, but it does ring of Joni Brady's Circle-ish Game-ish writing. ;)


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