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Pickle asked a musical Joni question as she reported a Joni reference on the telly: On Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer's series Catterick on BBC-4, they played a Joni song I can't identify, but Tess (Morwenna Banks) was miming to it. It seemed to be about death and one of the lines was 'I see the people leaning on their spades'. It had an orchestral backing, so I assume it was from Travelogue. What was the song? Stuart from Scotland had the following clarification: aA Joni Mitchell song - Sire of Sorrow,/i> - features in BBC Three's brilliant surreal comedy Vic and Bob in Catterick. Here's the link for the programme - Each episode features at least one scene with a character lip-synching to a song. Morwenna Banks as Tess sings Sire of Sorrow, but rather than a song to God, it is in the context of her relationship with her horrible, penisless hotel manager partner, Mr Oates (Matt Lucas).

(Contributed by Barbara, aka Pickle; Stuart Farquhar)


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