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A Girl Thing


This TV miniseries was originally brought to our attention by Bob Muller who wrote, "The soundtrack includes songs by Joni Mitchell and Chaka Khan (whose name is misspelled as Kahn in the credits)." Then Jimmy Stewart rented the movie and reported the following: "I rented Girl Thing this weekend. It was a 4-part miniseries from Showtime. They play A Case of You from BSN during a VERY HOT HOT Love scene between Kate Capshaw and Elle McPherson. My glasses were fogging up and I wasn't wearing them. I got shivers down my spine as the two made such passionate love while ACOY played. The song fit this scene so well. "They played Chaka's Stronger Than Before (which I love during a slow dance scene between Kate and Elle. Then you hear part of ACOY again during a scene when Elle is contemplating her newly found sexuality. "Lots of stars in this movie, and I enjoyed all 4 hours of it!"

(Contributed by Bob Muller, Jimmy Stewart)


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