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Edie Falco in Watch! interview


In the April issue of Watch! magazine, Bardin Brantley interviews Edie Falco and remembers she is a fan:

Watch!: Speaking of your young'uns, Anderson is 8 and Macy is 5. You once told me that you're a huge Joni Mitchell freak, so I'm wondering if —
Edie: Oh, yeah, Joni is attached to my soul in a way that she has no idea or cares about. She's the soundtrack for my whole life. I have an address for her managers and have always had this fantasy of writing her. But I don't know what I'd say. 'Cause she's the whole thing for me. Even just one song—like, say, Hejira, can feed me over years and years and mean different things depending on where I'm at.

Watch!: Word. So are you schooling your kids in great music like that?
Edie: Of course! So many parents—and to each his own—go out and buy Raffi CDs for the kids to play in the car. But my parents never listened to my music, I listened to theirs. So my kids know Joni, Prince and Frank Sinatra. There's plenty of time for them to listen to their own music—when we're together we listen to my stuff.

(Contributed by Laura Oppermann)


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Cassy on

Love her attitude. So much like my own in regard to both Joni AND to having your kids listen to your music.