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Metro interview with Adrian Edmondson

Purely for membership-renewal reasons, it appears, lovely Lieve, from London, writes:
Last night I had a quick look at the day's Metro, the free newspaper that I pick up from the station every morning. I know it exists in many countries, but this was the London edition. Every day it has a short interview with some celebrity or other, often to plug their latest book or show. There's always an advert-type reference to the interview on the front page, and this grabbed my attention as it said something like:
"Would you believe it? Hippy singer Joni Mitchell is his greatest fan! Read more on page 10!"
Anyway, the interviewee in question was one Adrian Edmondson - a name that meant nothing to me, but I did recognise the face in the photo. He's appeared in British comedy programmes such as The Comic Strip and The YoungOnes. And apparently he's married to Jennifer Saunders.
I knew that if I wanted to be worthy of my JMDL membership, I HAD TO report this, so here goes. Half way through this interview, Adrian was asked: "Who's the most surprising person you've found who's a fan?" - probably a question our man Adrain had suggested, I would think! Anyway, the answer was, "I used to promote pop promos in the 1980s and I went to America to direct one for a band called The Innocence Mission, who have sadly gone missing from the radar. They were managed by someone whose wife was Joni Mitchell. One day, Joni Mitchell turned up at this studio in LA, ran across the room, threw her arms around me and said: 'I love you. Whenever we have Young Ones parties, I always play Vyvyan.' Can you imagine Joni Mitchell playing Vyvyan? On a regular basis? 'Whenever we have Young Ones parties...,' she said, as if it's a regular occurrence. I've always enjoyed that but Jennifer is a huge fan, so she is very jealous." So voila, I've done my job - can I have a renewal of my membership please?


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