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Summer music and drink suggestions

Michael writes from Quebec:

I was flipping through a small zine called ``Tchin Tchin,`` published by our provincial liquor board, which offers ideas for summer entertaining and ettiquette. Light summer reading, you might say. To my great surprise, there was a Joni mention in this zine. A local music critic drew up a list of 10 pairings of summer music and drink suggestions. For example, Earth Wind & Fire with a tequila sunrise; Yma Sumac with a gin & tonic; Ibrahim Ferrer with an aged white rum, etc.. Well, number 8 on the list pairs Joni with a crisp white wine, such as chardonnay or sauvignon blanc! I'm always pleased and surprised to see that Joni continues to register on cultural radars here, considering that her music is quite peripheral to the contemporary pop scene. Raising my chilled glass to Joni and Jonilistas.

(Contributed by Michael O'Malley)


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