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CHUM-FM questionnaire

Writing in her trademark stacked, skinny paragraphs, Catherine in Canada writes: I was just in the kitchen making coffee, turned on the
radio for the news, but the news was all bad - it had
just ended.
The morning DJs on CHUM-FM, Roger, Rick and Marilyn do
a questionnaire every day. Roger Ashby asks Rick Hodge
three questions. If Rick can answer them, he then gets
to ask a question of the listening audience. If Rick
misses one, then you can call in and if you answer it
right, you win a prize.
This morning, Roger asked Rick the following question:
"This recording artist refused to attend the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1997(me now - I may
have the year wrong) because she didn't want to deal
with the media hoopla over her reunion with her
And Rick, who is usually very quick with the answers,
said, "It was because she was sitting in the lounge of
the Empire Hotel."
And then, he had a brain freeze and said, "It's just
gone out of my head! I can't remember her name!"
They went on to the next question, but then Rick
yelled out, "Joni Mitchell!"
Dang. I might have been able to win a prize!
But I thought the reason Joni didn't go to the
induction related to the outrageous amounts they
wanted the inductees to pay for those attending.

(Contributed by Catherine McKay)


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