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The Kids Are All Right


Steve alerted the JMDL:

Wednesday's LA Times [January 27] had an article on "The Kids Are All Right" (no, not the Who biopic), a movie that is attracting attention at Sundance. It stars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple who have a daughter named Joni. It included this:

"Was the Library Center screening — audiences actually applauded when Bening's character recited lyrics to a Joni Mitchell song — a false barometer of the film's real potential outside Park City?"

Bob followed-up with a smidge of Joni news on the songs and CD:

Joni's version of "All I Want" will be included on the soundtrack to the film "The Kids Are All Right", starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore. August 3rd is the scheduled release date.

Norm, one of the first JMDLr's to see the film and report back shared the following details:

In the new movie, "The Kids Are All Right" there is the best incorporation of music into a movie scene that I can recall. It is based on Joni Mitchell's BLUE. We don't hear Joni. All we see is the BLUE album cover; all we hear is Mark Ruffalo's and Annette Bening's characters singing / harmonizing a cappella at the dinner table. It's a scene I won't forget for a while. The rest of the movie is very good too.

The Kids are All Right has been named the winner of the Teddy Award for Best Feature Film at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival.

(Contributed by Steve Dulson, Bob Muller and Norm Gregory)


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