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From hurricane-ravaged Florida in September of 2004, Mingus writes:
Not sure if this has been brought up yet but we watched a movie this weekend called "Camp." The guy says something to this girl about how she couldn't remember anything and she replied, "I can remember every line to every song Joni Mitchell ever wrote."
My reaction to Rolls was that there are large numbers of us!
Also from Florida, this is Jerry's take on it:
Finally got to see Camp last night. It played about 3 days here in Florida. There is a Joni mention. The lead male character tells the girls, who is always listening to Sondheim, that she needs to listen to newer, hip music for girls her age. She replies: "Oh, I love Joni Mitchell. I have all of her albums." Funny scene.

(Contributed by David Mingus, Jerry Notaro)


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