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Laurel Canyon

ASIN: B00005JM1M

About this film, Andy writes, "it very definitely evokes the feeling of the Ladies of the Canyon era of the late 1960s, early 1970s, as the Director/Writer (Lisa Cholodenko) said were her intentions. IMHO, the settings were absolutely perfect in their details,(i.e. shabby-chic houses perched on hillsides with killer views and secluded swimming pools, overgrown "wild" gardens and landscapes, recording studios in the back yard, WILD parties at poolside, AND in spite of everything, the garages all had Porsches and Mercedes in them...this IS L.A. after all)! AND a Joni Sighting as Kate Beckinsale peruses the photos on Jane's, (Frances McDormond) "wall of fame," and sees her posed with JM herself! Also, at the end credits, in the list of people to thank, was very prominently included 'Joni Mitchell.'" There is also a soundtrack available. Richard adds: On the DVD, in the featurette interview with director Lisa Chodolenko, she talks about how listening to "Ladies of the Canyon" and Joni's cover painting inspired her to write the screenplay and that Jane (the Frances McDormand character) is modeled on what little she knew of Joni MItchell combined with Daniel Lanois.

(Contributed by Andy Smith, Richard Flynn)


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