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ASIN: B00005O0SO

Rose says she hears The Silky Veils of Ardor in this film. Who are we to argue? She sent this info:

In 1907, Dr. Lily Penleric, a musicologist frustrated by career obstacles, takes refuge with her sister in Appalachia...and discovers a world of folk music sung by the locals that has existed unaltered since it was transported from Europe. In her efforts to record and preserve this music, Lily faces great opposition from many of the locals--including a ruggedly handsome adventurer--who want to preserve the music privately in their own way.

Actors: Aidan Quinn, Janet McTeer, Taj Mahall, Iris Dement, Pat Carroll, Jane Adams, Emmy Rossum, E. Katherine Kerr

Director: Maggie Greenwald

(Contributed by Rose Marie Joy )


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