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Salvo el Crepúsculo

by Julio Cortázar []
ASIN: 9870411916

From France, Valérie emailed the following along with a picture of the very book she is reading:

Reading Salvo el Crepùsculo de Julio Cortàzar page 89, french edition and I am very pleased to share this with all Joni Mitchell lovers!

Oh, i wish i had a river
I could skate away on -

Joni Mitchell

Further in the book in "the night of the friends" or "friend's night" chapter, in "here Alejandra":

...Quel attelage, quel humide jeu d'échecs,
quelle maison close de toiles d'araignées, de Thelonious,
que la nuit peut être longue et belle
avec toi et Joni Mitchell
avec toi et Hélène Martin
avec les médiatrices...

Julio Cortàzar

For lack of a better translation, Google translate gave us:

.... What a team, how wet chess,
How brothel cobwebs, Thelonious,
that night can be long and beautiful
with you and Joni Mitchell
with you and Helen Martin
with the mediating ...

Merci beaucoup, Valérie!

(Contributed by Valérie Lapierre)


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