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Prince: Life and Times

by Jason Draper [Jawbone Press - 2008]

Not fiction, but interesting nonetheless!

While browsing my local bookstore I came across this large, purple velvet-like coffee table book. What caught my eye was a cover-strip that quoted Joni, in regards to Prince: "The most amazing performer I have ever witnessed."

This book mentions Joni on the following pages:

Page 15
Includes a photo of Joni and the caption, Joni Mitchell, who taught Prince a lot "about color and sound."

Page 26
"Lisa [Coleman] is like my sister," Prince told Rolling Stones a few years later. "She'll play what the average person won't. She'll press two notes with one finger, so the chord is a lot larger, things like that. She's more abstract. She's into Joni Mitchell, too."

Page 29
The jacket [of the album Controversy] is almost like a color version of Dirty Minds, with Prince - wearing slightly more clothes than last time around - standing before a backdrop of newspaper headlines based on the album's sensationalist lyrics (plus one that simply reads "Joni," in honor of Joni Mitchell).

Page 35
By the time a third Time album - Ice Cream Castle, named for a Joni Mitchell lyric - was released, the group had ceased to exist, despite the fact that, ironically, they had been allowed to play their own instruments this time around.

Page 174
One minute he's extolling the virtues of a loving relationship on a cover of Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You,' the next he's raging bitterly against a former lover on 'Have A Heart' and 'Pearls B4 The Swine.'

(Contributed by Laura Oppermann)


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