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Friction Shifting

by Daniel Wesolowski [Xlibris Corp - 2003]
ASIN: 140108950X

Bob wrote us:

Saw this item on eBay.
The link and photo of the auction page Bob sent has the following item description for this Drake Simo Mystery:

Drake Simo visits Pedro State University's art museum to see a painting by Joni Mitchell. The theft of Latina professor Constance Sienna's digital print, Las Amigas and the Gringo Racist Devils, while Drake is in the building - and a disproportionate reward for its recovery - ensnares him in a rambling, raucous investigation. Insipid ports of call - the hallowed halls of Pedro State, a decrepit trailer park, a labor line for undocumented workers - transport Drake closer to the crime's murky explanation. Incestuous attachments and false prophets encircle this mystery's musky womb of unholy alliances. Substitute teacher and ex-bicycle racer Drake Simo, distractible and non-violent, is not your average shamus. He lives in the quirky college community of Skyview and solves crimes in an attempt to gain some degree of insight - and earn money.

Keep shopping, Bob!

(Contributed by Bob Muller)


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