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The Time Traveler's Wife

by Audrey Niffenegger [edition - 2003]
ASIN: 015602943X

Catherine brought this book to our attention, and thanked our own Mags for bringing it to hers.

Clare: And so we are married.

At first we live in a two-bedroom apartment in a two-flat in Ravenswood. It's sunny, with butter-colored hardwood floors and a kitchen full of antique cabinets and antiquated appliances. We buy things, spend Sunday afternoons in Crate & Barrel exchanging wedding presents, order a sofa that can't fit through the doors of the apartment and has to be sent back. The apartment is a laboratory in which we conduct experiments, perform research on each other. We discover that Henry hates it when I absentmindedly click my spoon against my teeth while reading the paper at breakfast. We agree that it is okay for me to listen to Joni Mitchell and it is okay for Henry to listen to the Shags as long as the other person isn't around. We figure out that Henry should do all the cooking and I should be in charge of laundry and neither of us is willing to vacuum so we hire a cleaning service.

(Contributed by Catherine McKay)


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brentholcomb84 on

This book, like Joni's music, is gorgeous. It sounds silly, but it's not. Written with an intelligent sense of humor, it's also unabashedly romantic. Read the first half to "Court and Spark" and the last half to "Travelogue". Perfection! Thank you, Joni! Brent Holcomb