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Take Another Little Piece of My Heart: A Groupie Grows Up

by Pamela Des Barres [edition - 1992]
ASIN: 0688091490

I don't think this qualifies as fiction, but sometimes you've gotta break the rules, especially for this image of Joni at a pajama party!

I met a true mentor at my dear friend Allee Willis's famous fifties pajama party, Annie Flanders, the intimitable founder of Details magazine. While Annie and I rambled on, Joni Mitchell sat by the pool in her fuzzy robe, dourly surveying the other nighty-clad ladies. Teri Garr had on a shorty-fluff-job. Cyndi Lauper had on an indescribably sweeping sleepy number.Sandra Bernhard wore a leopard-print getup.

(Contributed by Randy Remote)


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