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The Body: A Novel

by Hanif Kureishi [edition - 2004]
ASIN: 0743249046

Vincenzo writes:

While reading a short story by Hanif Kureishi, titled Goodbye, Mother, copyrighted in 2000, I came to read that Alexandra, the wife of Harry, the main character, went to Thailand for two weeks to attend some dream, healing and imagination seminars. The following is a dialogue between Harry and his mother:

His mother said: "What is she doing there?"

"She said to me at the phone she's there with other middle-aged women, all wearing sandals and bright coloured dresses and they are all mad about Joni Mitchell. The last thing I came to know is that she hugs these women and does rituals on the beach."


Vincenzo adds:

Please note that the above excerpt is freely translated from Italian.

Later, Vincenzo wrote the following:

Your question brought me to a page on Hanif Kureishi's website where I did find what it would seem the whole original text. Here s the relevant excerpt [in a quite better English, uh? ;-)]:

He explained that Alexandra had gone to a centre in Thailand for a fortnight to take various courses. There were dream, healing, and 'imaging' workshops.

Mother said, What is she doing there?

She said on the phone that she is with other middle-aged women in sandals and bright dresses with a penchant for Joni Mitchell. The last I heard she was hugging these women and taking part in rituals on the beach.


(Contributed by Vincenzo Mancini)


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