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1969.12.12 Joni's next appearance Harrington Auditorium (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Worcester, MA

An evening concert.

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Cambridge50 on

My wife attended this concert at the age of 13, and it was fairly life-altering for her. She remembers the red and green dress as described in the review, and the set list 'sounds right.' She remembers sitting on the floor in front of the front row seats, looking up at the stage, where audience (the kids?) were packed... so close she could pick out the tunings. But here's the thing. She remembers seeing Joni there (or in Worcester) three or four nights running... could this be possible? A budding guitarist herself, she remembers going home, and realizing she needed a pen and paper to write down the tunings Joni was using for the next night... and bringing them back the next night and copying them down as Joni played. .... It could be the trick of memory and one show seemed like three, it was so intense for her... But does anyone else remember this? She is sure she did not see the afternoon concert at Holy Cross the same day, so that's not it.

tinangel50 on

It was a phenomenal concert, which showed many sides of Joni. A great playtlist, with several cuts from the first two albums, as well as from
they yet-to-be released "Ladies of the canyon" such as "For Free" and "Rainy Night House." I had never heard Joni play the piano, so this added a new dimension for me. But, hey, I was 18, had only recently discovered and fell in love with her. The first concert is alwaysthe most memorable. I loved that she included "Urge For Going," one of my all-time favorites (first heard it sung by Tom Rush!) Great night, mellow audience.