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1995.12.08 Joni's next appearance CBS This Morning — CBS TV New York, NY

Broadcast on Jan. 3, 1996

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  • Joni tapes a special hour of <i>CBS The Morning</i> and performs with drummer Brian Blade.

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This report came from Bob Paterson who attended the taping of Joni's performance on CBS This Morning.

Hi to All Joni-philes!:

Hey, I just got back from seeing Joni Mitchell live and in-person - and the good news is - you can see it too cause the very nice people at "CBS This Morning" taped it all - and will broadcast it sometime next week! ( At least, that was the plan as far as I could find out).

Joni did three songs live for the people in the studio (Lucky us!) but I think at most CBS will broadcast only two. The three songs were:

1. Just Like This Train
2. Moon At The Window
3. and a new unrecorded song - Happiness Is The Best Face Lift (which Joni sorta wrote both for, and about her Mom)

I could go on here for hours - as Joni is my single favorite musician on the face of this planet. But I won't cause that's not the right thing to do on Usenet, and cause I gotta split from the computer lab here pretty soon.

A few things that I can tell you: Be sure to check out Joni's way-cool new guitar, which is a Midi-ed up special guitar that a wonderful guy in California has customized for Joni. Sorry, I've seen his name in print but I don't have it with me. (Wally- His name is Fred Walecki)It looked like a Stratocaster body and a telecaster neck ( or copies there-of) with *just* a Midi controler pick-up thing-a-ma-bob on it.

Anyway, it sounded great. And Joni can change tunings with just the click of a foot-pedal. ( A blessing, since Joni works in so many different tunings).