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1985.12.06 Joni's next appearance Wogon — BBC 2 TV London, England

Joni and Michael Mullins sang "Good Friends."

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anitagabrielle on

Although this is a story about Joni, it's also about reaping what you sew!

Whilst watching TV one evening, a preview for the Terry Wogan show (BBC London) said that one of his guest's that week would be Joni Mitchell. An opportunity to see Joni sing on the day I had off from work? What else could I do? Three of us (my partner Steph, our friend Val and me) decided to go to London and see if we could blag tickets to get in for the show. I took my copy of the recently released 'Dog Eat Dog' to try and get it autographed. I had learned that you just never know!

We took a train down to London and got to Shepherds Bush where all sorts of folk were queuing up to go in for the Wogan show. We wandered up and down asking if anyone had spare tickets, but had no luck and there weren't any available on the door.

We adjourned to a nearby pub and, blow me down, there was Larry Klein supping a beer! Now, if you read about our Paris, April 30 1983 expedition and I say this really WAS Larry Klein and he just happened to be in the pub, you'll know it was a bit weird, but, this time, Larry Klein it surely was. We ordered drinks and, as Larry was on his own, we felt comfortable to pop over and chat. We told him we'd come specially to see Joni sing. He seemed genuinely pleased and, when I asked if he'd consider signing my DED album, he was happy to oblige. We talked for some time and then said we'd better get back to see if we could find any tickets to get into the show. Back we went and walked up and down asking if anyone had spare tickets. We had no luck until a coach pulled in and lots of elderly ladies emerged. One lady had one spare ticket which she kindly gave us. The dilemma, of course, was who possibly of the three of us could have the ticket. Steph and Val said 'Anita, we like Joni, but you're the long time fan and you found out about this, so you'd better have it.'

Not a thought for them entered my mind. I took that ticket into my mucky mitt in such a flash I'm surprised it wasn't scorched. I thought 'Yup. It's true. I am the one who made this happen, therefore I deserve to see the show.' Omnipotent would be a word that comes as a description of myself in that moment. I selfishly took that ticket and, if I am honest, with a degree of 'I DO deserve it' that makes quite uncomfortable to recall. Thinking it would make them feel better, I swore I would tell them all about Joni, Wogan and the show. I left them standing outside in the rain.

I followed the queue in for the Wogan show in and was a wee bit disappointed to be in the upper circle near the back, but, hey ho, at least I was in! I was sitting with a pensioner who had travelled from Dover with her friends from the local Age Concern group to see Terry Wogan and had never heard of Joni Mitchell. Her ears wilted like cooked spinach as I enthusiastically tried to fill her in about Joni Blah Blah Blah. I think she regretted ever having given me her spare ticket. Half an hour passed when the distant figure of the warm up 'comedian' took his slot and told us how to clap. Finally, the three minute count down began for the show.

Suddenly, from the corner of the set, two figures emerged who walked in front of the cameras very quickly over in to the front row AND SAT DOWN. I recognised those coats. I recognised the walks. I recognised the people. It was Steph and Val. I nearly choked on my chewing gum. There they were with the prime seats, sitting with the best view in the house ready to see Joni sing 'Good Friends.'

Later, Steph and Val told me that they'd gone back in to the pub to wait for the end of the show and for me. Larry had still been there and had said to them 'Don't worry. Come with me. I'll get you in.' And he had.

It took some time for me to recover from choking on my gum and the awful green colour I had turned. And HOW they rubbed it in :~)))) On the train home, they kept saying things like:

'As Larry said to us as he got us in....'


'Anita, did you notice Joni's wedding ring? Oh no, you were a bit far back.... Shame.....'

AND they smirked!!!!!

'Good Friends' Joni sang. Couldn't have been a better choice of song for that day!

Anita September 14 09