Compiled by Simon Montgomery, © 2001

1983.07.26  Blossom Music Center  Cuyahoga Falls, OH

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terrikmart on 2014-Mar-19 at 21:42:27 GMT-5:
i was in the pavilion, maybe the 20th row!she was awesom!really loved the show and is one that will always be in my memory!1983 at blossom music center!!i bought the book they were selling and still have it!!
Nocolornocontrast on 2011-Oct-19 at 02:13:06 GMT-5:
Cannot believe I was only 27 when I saw Joni at Blossom! At 55, I still remember my excitement at getting front row seats. However, I took a girl that was not even interested in Joni, or me. Short story, I was in the front with this girl, and she was acting weird, drunk or high, I don't know. As i tried to quiet her, I realized Joni was actually looking down at us and we were being disruptive. We left our seats, and the rest of the evening did not go well. To this day I feel bad that I caused a commotion in front of my favorite artist.Joni, forgive me. I'm still a huge fan, and my wife loves your music as much as I. Ah, lessons learned. Bittersweet, like Joni's music...
cmackie62 on 2010-Feb-25 at 21:00:33 GMT-5:
I was attending Kent State University at the time, and was casually dating a guy who had gotten tickets to the show, but hadn't asked anyone to go with him yet. As the youngest of six who grew up listening to the Joni albums my brothers and sisters played (and my sister played Joni on piano and guitar too), I had no qualms inviting myself to the show! This was a great show (love the Blossom atmosphere), though I was frustrated at those people who couldn't keep quiet. I will always treasure having the chance to see Joni Mitchell live -- esp. at a place like Blossom. It was also poignant to hear Joni while I was at KSU and all the history that goes with that school. She is and will continue to be my all-time favorite artist (music and art). Thanks Joni for allowing me to come of age listening to your amazing music.